DIY Wooden Pallet Chairs

Wodden Pallet Chairs

For months we struggled with a thought of throwing away our beloved banana leaf chairs. Our teak table and set of six chairs were one of the first things we ever bought as a couple. We didn’t really want to scrap the chairs… Sadly the decision day has finally come, but instead of taking the chairs to the tip we ripped the banana leaf covering off from the frames. We replaced old, damaged leaf cover with wood from salvaged pallets. The reason why we had to do this was pretty simple- we have cats. We own two of these vandals and when we decided to adopt them few years back, we didn’t realise they would use the chairs as scratching posts.  Over the years the condition of our beloved chairs deteriorated to the point that one of them had a massive hole in the seat and it was time to do something about it. At least we managed to recycle the frames. Have a look at our wooden pallet chairs.

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Art Deco Vanity Makeover

Art Deco Vanity Makeover
This is one of my favoured makeovers we have ever done and I am very pleased I can share it with you lot. It took me good few months to finish it. I had my husband and my father-in-law helping me out with the makeover along the way (I couldn’t finish it myself because I found out I was pregnant, so using varnish remover was a big NO-NO at the time!). This dressing table has sentimental value to me; it’s nearly 100 years old and it belonged to my husband’s grandmother; it was given to her on her wedding day. Nearly 100 years later the very same vanity has been given to me as a wedding present by my parents-in-law.  🙂
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DIY Front Door Remodel

Sage Mint Front Door Remodel

We have been so focused on decorating our house on the inside we completely neglected the outside space. There are many reasons why we wanted to change the outside look of our house. As you know we own a new build house in the estate full of houses similar to ours and we wanted our house to be a little bit different; particularly our dull black front door which looked exactly like every other door on the estate. So that was the first reason. The second reason was ‘Fall has come’, a year has passed since we moved in and it was time for a change. So here it goes our Front Door Remodel.

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DIY Shabby Chic Liquor Cabinet from Old Sideboard

Shabby Chic Liquor Cabinet from Old Sideboard

I am pleased to present our latest ‘accidental’ DIY project. Why ‘accidental’? because my husband and I were actually shopping for some wooden chairs at our local thrift shop few weeks back and instead of chairs we ended up buying this gorgeous sideboard. Oh  well, it happens! As soon as I saw this beautiful wooden cabinet I had to have it. It was love at first sight! It took me a while to convince Mr Voyno that we REALLY needed it in our fully furnished house. He eventually gave up. 0-1 to Mrs Voyno team. 🙂
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