DIY Earring Holder Tutorial

DIY Earring Holder tutorial

I have collected many pairs of earrings over the years, but I have always been terrible at organising them properly. I had a wooden box I kept my earrings in. I used to forget about some of my best pairs because they were buried underneath other earrings at the bottom of my jewellery box. On occasions I couldn’t pair the earrings together because of the mess in the box. After years of ‘struggle’ I decided to find a better way to store my earing collection. I have done my research you can check out my post about 25 Fabulous Jewellery Organising Ideas to see some more jewellery organising projects that might interest you.
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25 Fabulous Jewellery Organisig Ideas

25 fabulous jewellery organising ideasRecently I have been thinking a lot about organising and tiding up my messy jewellery box. I decided to search online for ideas and I must say I found tons of great stuff. These online jewellery organising tips were so brilliant I thought I would share some of my favourites with you. Here they are:

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