Guest Bedroom Moroccan Stencil Art

Guest Bedroom Moroccan Stencil Art
Moroccan stencils are cheap, easy to use and what’s more important really beautiful and original. They can be used on walls, floors, ceilings or furniture and carpets.
I wanted to create some bespoke pictures for our guest bedroom and since we already had two small Moroccan side tables and a Moroccan mirror in that bedroom I have decided to go with the moroccan style. It was my first attempt at stenciling anything and I must say i was rather pleased with the outcome.
Have a look at my tutorial.

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IKEA Rast Hack Shoe Storage

Ikea Rast hack makover remodel shoe storage
I recently stumbled upon an Ikea Rast makeover on Pinterest  and I could not believe that a £20 chest of drawers could look so great. I had to try it myself. It happened that we were in need of a small shoe drawer for the hall. It turned out Rast would be just perfect for that. Let me tell you the outcome of my Ikea Rast hack surpassed my greatest expectation. Check out my step by step Rast makeover below.

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DIY Wooden Pallet Chairs

Wodden Pallet Chairs

For months we struggled with a thought of throwing away our beloved banana leaf chairs. Our teak table and set of six chairs were one of the first things we ever bought as a couple. We didn’t really want to scrap the chairs… Sadly the decision day has finally come, but instead of taking the chairs to the tip we ripped the banana leaf covering off from the frames. We replaced old, damaged leaf cover with wood from salvaged pallets. The reason why we had to do this was pretty simple- we have cats. We own two of these vandals and when we decided to adopt them few years back, we didn’t realise they would use the chairs as scratching posts.  Over the years the condition of our beloved chairs deteriorated to the point that one of them had a massive hole in the seat and it was time to do something about it. At least we managed to recycle the frames. Have a look at our wooden pallet chairs.

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DIY Halloween Skeleton Wreath

DIYHalloween Skeleton Wreath

Hello Halloween enthusiasts!
Here it comes the scariest night of the year and it’s time to make some creepy decoration! Originally we wanted to host this year’s Halloween party however we decided to give it a miss (trying to decorate the entire house, making all the food and entertaining lots of people with a four months old baby wouldn’t be an easy task). We decided to keep it low this year and make a few smaller things instead.
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