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Hello and welcome to Ingenious Nesting Blog!

CaptureMy name is Marlena and I am the person behind Ingenious Nesting blog. I currently live in Yorkshire, UK with my lovely husband, my 1 year old son and two mischievous cats. I am an excellence manager by day and die-hard DIYer & orginiser by night. I have always been obsessed passionate about interior design, decorating and organising. Despite the fact that I am a total DIY amateur I love tinkering around the house constantly changing something. Of course I don’t do it on my own. Little gal like me quite often uses the help of her husband. Yes, he is the one behind big power tools and heavy duty jobs on the endless and constantly growing to-do list. I must say I am a lucky girl, I have been blessed with a husband who truly enjoys and shares my passion for DIY.

My aspiration is to share what I have learnt about DIY and house decorating over the past few years. By writing about my projects I strive to inspire and encourage my readers to put their own DIY ideas into practice and inject their own personalities into their own nests. I want to prove that you don’t have to be a professional handyman to build a garden table, hang a wallpaper or lay wooden floor in the living room.

I do hope you’ll find a lot of interesting and inspiring projects on this blog.

If you’re looking for more information on me and my tutorials, please check out the links below and feel free to email me any questions you may have!

Thank you for stopping by.
Make Yourself at Home!


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