Guest Bedroom Moroccan Stencil Art

Guest Bedroom Moroccan Stencil Art
Moroccan stencils are cheap, easy to use and what’s more important really beautiful and original. They can be used on walls, floors, ceilings or furniture and carpets.
I wanted to create some bespoke pictures for our guest bedroom and since we already had two small Moroccan side tables and a Moroccan mirror in that bedroom I have decided to go with the moroccan style. It was my first attempt at stenciling anything and I must say i was rather pleased with the outcome.
Have a look at my tutorial.

Step 1

I purchased two Ikea Ribba frames (second hand) for £3 each in oak effect (retail price is £9 each). so that was a bargain!
I also used: two thick A4 white sheets of paper, two large square 12″ x 12″ sheets of scrapbook paper, craft knife, masking tape, small paint brushes, paper glue, ceramic plate, acrylic paint (gold and burgundy) and old book pages.

IMG_3419a IMG_3420aIMG_3421aa IMG_3414a

Step 2

I tore old book pages into random pieces and I glued them to the two large square 12″ x 12″ sheets of scrapbook paper. I didn’t use any particular method- I just went with the flow. I left it to dry for about an hour.


Step 3

I Have found some really beautiful Moroccan stencils online.  I have selected two I liked the most and i printed them out on the two thick A4 paper sheets I prepared beforehand.  Then using my craft knife I cut the inside of the printed shapes out. See pictures below.

IMG_3414 IMG_3413a
IMG_3418 IMG_3425a

Step 4

Once the old glue dried on the 12″ x 12″ sheets of paper I placed both my stencils on each of them and secure them with masking tape to avoid any movement which could ruin the whole artwork.  I squeezed some of the gold and burgundy acrylic paint onto the ceramic plate. I wanted both colours to be vivid so I didn’t mix them together. Then I gently dipped my brush into the paint trying to get hold of both colours without mixing them together and then I dabbed the paint straight down over the edge of the stencil.  Don’t rub or take too much paint because it will bleed under the edge. Wait till the paint is dry before you remove your stencil. And last, but not least- frame your artwork and hang it for everyone to see and admire your creativity. 🙂

IMG_3427   IMG_3426a
IMG_3428a    IMG_3429a

IMG_3434   IMG_3440


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