DIY Halloween Skeleton Wreath

DIYHalloween Skeleton Wreath

Hello Halloween enthusiasts!
Here it comes the scariest night of the year and it’s time to make some creepy decoration! Originally we wanted to host this year’s Halloween party however we decided to give it a miss (trying to decorate the entire house, making all the food and entertaining lots of people with a four months old baby wouldn’t be an easy task). We decided to keep it low this year and make a few smaller things instead.

First of all (of course!) I have done my Halloween research on Pinterest and let me tell you I have found tones of brilliant & scary ideas which you can find on my Halloween Ideas board. I really liked the wreaths with skeletons, so I decided to do my own…


To create my Halloween Skeleton Wreath I used the following items:

  • super glue (you can use heat gun instead)
  • scissors
  • pliers
  • branch wreath (Hobby Craft £4, feel free to make your own)
  • Halloween decorations (skeletons, spiders, skeletons, black flower pin, orange, black & white ribbons and spider webbing)
  • soft metal wire


1. Step One

I covered my wreath in fake spider webbing. I bought it online last year and finally got a chance to use it. Just wrap the wreath up in the webbing!


Step 2

Cut the ribbons to size, make a large bow out of the orange ribbon and attach it with a glue to the back of the flower (you can check tutorials for bows here). Use the remaining black and orange ribbons to create a tail and fasten it with a wire or glue to the back of the flower. Then last, but not least rip the head off one of your plastic skeletons and glue it to the front of the flower.

IMG_2393IMG_2396mixing glueIMG_2395

Step 3

Using a soft wire attach a skeleton and a skull flower to each side of the wreath. And then add some spooky spiders.



Step 4

Hang you wreath!
This is the way to do it: hang the ribbon over the top of the door and tie it around a fixing on the inside. I put a nail in the door but you can use a plastic hook with a sticky pad- you can get them in any supermarket or DIY store.


Halloween spooky Skeleton Skull Wreath

What have you done to decorate your house for Halloween this year?
Share your ideas in comments below!


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