IKEA Rast Hack Shoe Storage

Ikea Rast hack makover remodel shoe storage
I recently stumbled upon an Ikea Rast makeover on Pinterest  and I could not believe that a £20 chest of drawers could look so great. I had to try it myself. It happened that we were in need of a small shoe drawer for the hall. It turned out Rast would be just perfect for that. Let me tell you the outcome of my Ikea Rast hack surpassed my greatest expectation. Check out my step by step Rast makeover below.

 1. Cutting to size

I decided to cut off the bottom part of Rast and fix the front bottom board underneath the bottom drawer in-between two walls. I have done that because I wanted to fix chrome polished legs to the chest to get that sleek modern look. To help you understand what I have done see pictures below;  the chest has been along the red lines.
IMG_2833a  IMG_2835a
IMG_2836a  IMG_2838a

2. Painting & Waxing

To paint the chest of drawers I used my favorite Rustoleum Chalk Furniture paint- this time in grey (Anthracite). The colour as just perfect for the hall- not too dark and not too light. I applied two coats to get a high quality finish and then I sealed the colour with  bees wax. Don’t forget (!)  the paint colour will get slightly darker after waxing.
IMG_2830aIMG_2843a IMG_2845a IMG_2844a
IMG_2849a IMG_2850a IMG_2851a

3. Assembling

As I mentioned before I wanted our chest of drawers to stand on chrome legs so I slightly altered the construction of it which ultimately meant I had to come up with the idea of how to fix them. I already had a slim board to support front legs (taken from the bottom part of the chest) but I needed another one to be fixed at the back of the chest of drawers in order to support the back legs. I decided to cut one board out from salvaged pallets we had in our garage (see pictures below).

IMG_2839a IMG_2840a
IMG_2867a IMG_2854a

4. Finishing Touches

Chrome legs and chrome plated cup handles were purchased on eBay. I fixed the legs to the two boards underneath the chest of drawers and I replaced wooden handles with these vintage looking cup handles.
IMG_2929a IMG_2932a
IMG_2934aa IMG_2935a IMG_2937a

5. Results

Perfect fit for that unused awkward space in the corner. I absolutely love it. It’s stylish, unique and it goes well with our Shabby Chic Organising Board.
Ikea rast sideboard shoe storage makover remodel hack3 Ikea rast sideboard shoe storage makover remodel hack1Ikea rast sideboard shoe storage makover remodel hack2




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