Halloween Flesh- Eating Pumpkins

Let me introduce this year’s Halloween Flesh- Eating Pumpkins!

Halloween Flesh-Eating Pumpkins

Step 1

Get a couple of medium- sized pumpkins.

Hallween pumpkins

Open the pumpkins up with a sharp kitchen knife and using a spoon scoop out the seeds and fibres.

IMG_2504 IMG_2505

IMG_2506 IMG_2514

Step 2

With a pen or a marker pen mark the outline of a scary face. Use a small knife to cut it out. Gently push the shape out.


 IMG_2507 IMG_2510

IMG_2511 IMG_2512

 Step 3

Get a pair of old baby onesies and a bottle of fake blood.
Stuff the onesies with plastic bags and splatter the blood on it.
Put the onesies inside the pumpkin’s mouth. Done!

IMG_2516 IMG_2520


IMG_2519 IMG_2521

IMG_2549 Bloody Leg Foot Hallween Pumpkin


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